Union Thugs, we are here to educate you not intimidate you. We are proud union members and their supporters from all occupations. We think that wisdom is much stronger than muscle and we’re not afraid to use it. This label has been thrown around so  much by union adversaries lately that it’s become a joke. The leaders of the labor movement were called thugs just like us. They persevered and they won. Their cause was just and so is ours. Today’s thugs are teachers, firefighters, police officers, snow plow drivers, linemen, mail carriers, nurses, musicians and all walks of life. We come from every corner of the globe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and many more.

Our products are proudly Union made, printed and delivered. They are made in the USA. Your orders are processed through Paypal a secure site. We ask that before ordering that you make sure your paypal address is current. Any returned orders due to bad address on paypal will be the customers responsibility. We do not send confirmation emails on your order but orders in the USA will receive an email with tracking info when the item is shipped. We will gladly ship anywhere in the world however , please email us at ed8m8@live.com before ordering outside the USA as there is an extra shipping charge depending on the weight of your order. Bulk orders please email us as well.

We welcome your ideas for future merchandise, visit us on our facebook page, UNION THUGS and share them with us. By sharing your ideas you grant us the rights to them as well.
This site is run by union workers past and present and promotes unions as the past present and future link to the proverbial American dream!
We will always say UNION YES!